BST: Kover Clamps - Used with EMT to make winter cover frame

Greg Allard gma4 at
Mon Jul 11 17:18:28 EDT 2011

For sale:  50 Kover Klamps, used with 3/4" electrical conduit (EMT) to  
create a winter cover frame.  The Klamps are usually $5.00
each (see Kover Klamp website).  These have been used for two seasons,  
and they are all in excellent condition - no rust and all of the  
rubber inserts are in excellent condition too.

When new, these cost  $250, and I am willing to sell them for $100.   
This is a fair price, and I am not negotiable.  Shipping at cost.
I will also include approximately 30 double female connectors to join  
two lengths of EMT together.  The EMT can be purchased at any Home  
Depot or
Lowes.  Instructions included.


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