Battery set-up - GB 42 Europa ('80)

Roy T. Nedal roy.nedal at
Tue Mar 3 08:32:55 EST 1998

I purchased my vsl with the previous owner having installed (7/97) two
identical battery banks each consisting of 2 x 170 Ah Crompton batteries
type 619.

I would prefer to avoid using the generator, and am thinking abt
rearranging the batteries leaving 3 x 170 Ah in the domestic bank and 1
x 170 Ah for the engines (twin 120' Lehmans).

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of set-up and would it
leave sufficient cranking power for the engines. Vsl is lcoated in the
Med in a temperate to hot climate.

Appreciate your feed-back/input.

Kind regards
Roy T. Nedal

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