Oil Filtration

Bob sobob at erols.com
Thu Mar 5 09:27:34 EST 1998

With all of the comments on pumping out the oil from the engine and
about recycling thru the fuel tanks, this question has been kicking
around in my mind.

Gulf Filters (and others) make an in line unit that bleeds off some of
the oil from the oil pump and uses this bypass to run thru a large, low
pressure filter.  The claim from them and several TWL members is no oil
change.  I am not comfortable with bleeding off pressure from the oil
pump for any reason.

Then came the thread on pumps to remove the oil from the sumps.  Well,
if we are going to pump the oil out of the bottom of the sump, why not
recurculate the oil thru a 2, 5 or 10 micron Raycor (or equal) while it
is still warm and back into the engine for additional use.  Oil
polishing - just like fuel polishing.

I have talked to several hydraulics "experts" on this thought and none
could think of a reason that this differs in any way from the in line
filters built into our engines.  Most of the pumps and filters can take
the temperature of the hot oil, the filters are all rated by size and it
seems to be just a matter of circulation.

What did I overlook?


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