E-Mail aboard

GEOARK GEOARK at aol.com
Thu Mar 5 18:21:42 EST 1998

While cruising down from Miami to Key West, my friend Carlisle had his laptop
computer along. He also had AT&T digital service with the $4.95 extra that
gives you unlimited free calls after 10pm and from Fri nite at 6pm to Mon am
at 6am. We hooked up his Nokia 2160 cell phone with the $75 dollar cord to the
Megahertz modem that was cell ready and we down loaded all of our e-mail. It
only works at 4800 baud but for most applications that will be OK. The price
is certainly good. AT&T lets you talk from Vero Beach south to Key West as a
local call.
George (April Fools)

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