Pilothouse Doors

Mark Stypinski sail1946 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 8 21:24:17 EST 1998


Our Willard has a simular floorplan although it is a little bigger 
(30'.) Our pilot house, including galley,  has one side door (starboard 
same as the steering).  Our door slides for and aft. This seems to work 
quite well.  Because the boat is small enough, I don't think I would 
give up any space for the second door.   I would also agree it would be 
difficult to design a front opening door that would either not take on 
water or be easy to open in a big sea.  On the other hand exiting in the 
center keeps you away from the rail and maybe therefore safer. 

Just my thoughts.

Mark & Diane Stypinski
M/V Elsea
30 Willard Vega Voyager Flybridge

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>Subject: Pilothouse Doors
>Date: Mon, 9 Mar 1998 09:34:10 +1300
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>Hello to all Listees
>I'm planning my small trawler/motor-sailor (26') and have reached an
>impasse with the design of the pilothouse.  I'd appreciate the benefit 
>your experience, any advice you can give would be very much 
>The design has an aft cabin (sitting headroom), moving forward the 
>house (standing headroom) has a very small galley then the wheel area.  
>pilothouse(?) opens onto a "waist" deck and right forward under a 
>deck is a berth and head.  Jay Benford has designed lots of bigger 
boats in
>this style - it seems to be popular in the Pacific northwest where I
>imagine the conditions are similar to our part of the world - lots of 
>Currently the design calls for the wheelhouse door to be on the front 
>the house.  My limited experience screams NO to this - weather will 
>its way in no matter how carefully the door and its shrouding is built.
>Has anyone had experience with a "front of house" door?
>The other option is for side doors and my question is - Is it really
>necessary to have a door on both sides of the house?  Bearing in mind 
>this is a Motor-sailer?
>Thanks - Foster Price
>New Zealand

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