Stabilizers & Bow Thrusters

Bob & Debbie Huddleston huddlestonb_d at
Fri Mar 13 15:41:10 EST 1998

I would appreciate your advice and comments.

We are expecting delivery of our new Krogen 39 in June. As for use, we are
going to do a lot of travelling-- Alaska to Maine and we hope to Europe.My
questions arise because we are about to submit an order for Naiad
stabilizers (approx. $25,000) and a Naiad  hydraulic bow thruster (approx.
$17,000). I can assure you that these items represent a lot of money to me.
A data point is that we will travel at about 7 knots. Also, the Krogen is
full displacement and round bottomed (rolley). We are ex-sailors and not
used to rolling. I want to make sure that we will enjoy the boat since it
will be our home for many years.

I tried to learn more about a flopper-stopper system, but they are not
common on yachts in and around California. I asked Krogen to design a system
for their new line of 39's. Their response was that could  DESIGN such a
system for me for $20,000 (just the design fee - not the materials or
installation). That was REALLY helpful ! Even though I am sure the floppers
work, I am not sure I could handle them with my back problems ( which is why
we had to give up sailing). But I have also never been on a boat underway
with floppers.

Thank you for the comments that I am sure to receive.

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