TWList digest available

Georgs Kolesnikovs gxk at
Mon Mar 16 00:11:06 EST 1998

Ahoy, all hands--

Those of you who are being overwhelmed by email will be happy to hear 
that a digest option is available for Trawler World List. Digest means 
you receive posts to the list in one batch only once per day, generally 
soon after midnight.

Subscribers who wish to change to the digest format need to send email to 
<majordomo at> and write

unsubscribe trawler-world-list
subscribe trawler-world-list-digest

in the body of the message.

Digest format will not appeal to you if you are active in posting to the 
list or if you enjoy receiving email at several times a day. For lurkers, 
and people who already receive a lot of email, the digest format is ideal.

If you know former listees who left the list purely because of the volume 
of email, please forward this message to them.

Thank you!

--Listmeister Georgs

Georgs Kolesnikovs
Listmeister at Trawler World Online <>
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