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Jim Wujciak wujciak at
Mon Mar 16 11:16:41 EST 1998

Last year I moved my trawler from the Hudson River (brackish water) where
the fouling on the rudder & propeller could be controlled by a coat of
bottom paint. Last year I moved the boat to Barnaget Bay N.J.(Warmer water
temparture and high salt content), and within two months had a propeller
and rudder that were thickly covered with barnacles.

1. The boat during this period got some use (every second week or so).
2. The bottom paint did not seem to be effective at all while the rest of
the hull (same paint- ACP-50) remained clean.

Planning hulls have higher shaft speeds, and forces may be self cleaning
to some extent, but at cruising speed- my shaft speed is 700 RPM which is
probably not enough to keep the critters off. (2.57:1 Reduction, Cruising
Engine RPM 1800, 2600 Max Engine RPM)

Does anyone have experience with a product or technique that seems

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