Anchoring with generators

Dan Lobera capdan at
Thu Mar 19 15:15:34 EST 1998

After three or four days off the list, I returned to find that
the Aquatic Political Correctness Police has been reading one of
my entries. And reading between the lines, no less!
Apparently, List Member Tom Lichty took offense to my comments
on running a generator while anchoring.
How do you dare, Tom, to assume that I would "park" my boat
just anywhere, and run my generator recklessly, without any
regards for those aroun me?
I have teo simple rules concerning the use of my generator.
If I'm the only one around, I'll run it for as long as needed
to provide comfort, recharge the batteries, etc. Use or loose it.
Like your main engine, the major couse of failures is the lack
of use.
But, if one or more boats are anchored nearby, I'll try to
position mine in such a way as not impose neither
sound nor smells on others. This is not always possible.
At the last minute, when we are readying for dinner, somebody,
such as yourself, will anchor just off my stern.
(I would be tempted to make an exception to rule two for those
lurking in the shadows of this list, ready to pounce on comments
written by others, were they to anchor downwind of me)
I have at times, while rowing the dink around the boat (but not
in the rain, if I can help it), been amazed at how quiet my 
generator is, even when I was very close to the boat. Of couse,
when rafting up with others, I'll limit the use, and then only
after checking with them.
Rule two and a half, I never anchor behind anybody that I suspect
has a generator.
Tom, I found out long time ago that the flowers around Marriotts 
and Hiltons do smell nicer than those growing around Motel 6's.
Try it.

Dan Lobera,
Adagio, a Monk 36' in Kent Island, Md.

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