Mauice - Cost of ownership

Norman Rose ROSEN at
Thu Mar 19 15:34:59 EST 1998

Maurice, you have raised many good points concerning your
planning. I see answers covering a wide range of costs. How could
it be any different? What you are asking is for people to define
lifestyles, which is chock full of personal choices. The opinions I'm
seeing are great! I think probably you have already provided 80%
of you answer in the initial criteria you provided.

Of course this reflects where you live and where you expect to
travel. Same for all of us. I'm starting by estimating my retirement
income, then how I want to live & travel (exclusive of the cost of
the boat), and then deciding how much I'm willing to spend of my
probable income to do that. Then I'm adding in a boat mortgage for
5-8 years. If it fits in my budget with a decent safety margin, I can
figure how much my mortgage can be (what the monthly figure I
decided on will buy in mortgage $$), plus what I project in
available cash at the  purchase point. Now I know how much I can
spend to buy my boat.

Now the hard part is, finding a boat to fit those parameters and
budget. Lessee now, take the budget, add in the projections......
less that, factor in this.......political climate..times 1.345...inflation.....
oil futures...times 0.8239......and,....geeeze.......I'm a  damn trailer

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