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<< One can't get anything close to that,
 however, on a 20-year-old forty-seven-foot Taiwan trawler. >>

Again, look at an American built Gulfstar 44', 1978-80 The aft head has a
tub/shower that is wider than the one I had in my house. The accordian doors
make it dry . and the boat can be bought in the 100k - 140k range. A standard
GE washer/dryer is on the boat also. 5 gal./hr burn with 500 gal tankage. I
have 340 gal water on mine also (An option). I also have a leather recliner
chair with a foot stool abd still ahve plenty oroom in the salon. I am 6'1"
and 220lbs. no problem!

George Arkebauer
April Fools
Florida Keys

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