Forward scanning sonar

Chesley Sugg csugg at
Thu Mar 26 10:34:05 EST 1998

Mlw2 wrote:
> I'm considering installing a forward scanning sonar, e.g., the Interscope

> Anyone had any experience with the Interscope equipment, or others?

Consider the geometry involved. I believe that the scanner scans at an
angle which gives it a forward component. At a 45deg angle, it would
scan forward as much as the depth directly under it. Ie... 20' deep, 20'
forward, 50'deep, 50'forward. The problem with this setup is that it
follows that in shallow water, the forward component is small also.
5'deep, 5'forward... doesn't seem worth it.

I suppose you could increase the angle to achieve a more forward looking
scan, but in deep water you would now start scanning a longer distance
till at a 90 deg angle, you are parallel to the bottom.. No depth at

Seems so to me.

Chesley Sugg
M/V Chelonia

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