Dan Lobera capdan at erols.com
Fri Mar 27 12:32:45 EST 1998

Joseph J. Blass wrote:
> >I will be delivering a 50' Carver M/Y from W Palm Beach to Windmill
> >Point starting Thursday 3-26.  Last year I stayed inside the entire 1070
> >miles and completed the trip in five days. 
Wow! You were flying!
Lucky for us, you didn't pass by our boat.
Some years ago, a friend of mine and I delivered a Defever 41', twin
120's, from Jupiter, Fl, to Annapolis, Md, in just 10 days. 9 kts. max.
We were lucky, no major delays in bridges, weather helped, too
Of course, we slowed down when overtaking, and when faster boats passed
us. The only way to travel the ICW, or anywere else, for that matter!
And that was two of us taking turns at the wheel, sun-up to sun-down,
no sightseeing allowed, early April, before the snowbirds' return trip.
No record broken there, but we didn't leave any upset crews or pots in 
our wake, neither.

Dan Lobera,

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