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Mon Mar 30 04:38:54 EST 1998

Good evening,

I am in the process of purchasing a 1982 Krogen 42.  This vessel has a
120 HP Lehman engine.   I have always liked these boats, but I have some
questions for anyone with experience with these vessels.  

1.  All of the ads I have seen suggest a range of  over 2000 miles at a
cruising speed of 8 knots.   Does your experience verify that?

2.  I have seen a variety of advertised top speeds....everything from 9
knots (reasonable) to 10.3  knots (As reported in "Voyaging Under 
Power".  Also suspect, given the full displacement hull and 39'2" LWL). 
What does your experience show?

3.  At what RPM can you make 8 knots?

4.  What is the maximum continuous RPM for the 120 HP Lehman engine?

Thank you.

Bruce S. Painter
Valdez, AK

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