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Phil W. Bolin pwbolin at
Tue Mar 31 21:58:52 EST 1998


I am a new member to trawler world list.

I am a retired Navy guy with 25 years Navy ship driving experience.  I also 
have owned sail and power pleasure boats for the last 20 years.

I just sold a 36' Trojan Tri-cabin and am negotiating for a 43' Vista cabin 
cruiser, powered with Caterpillar 3208 375 hp engines. My wife and I are 
planning on cruising the coast of the US in this boat.  The Vista is an 87 
and was built in Kao Sung.  I could use some information on the boat if 
anyone has experience with it.  Specifically, I have a few questions, as 
listed below.  Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

1. The Vista structural survey showed her sound, but she is still on dry 
land.  The sea trial is next month.  I would appreciate information from 
anyone with cruising experience in this boat type.
2. The boat paperwork shows 4 fuel tanks, but the survey proved she had 
only 3.  She is missing the one under the after bunk even though there is a 
fuel hose to that part of the boat (plugged off).  The broker tells me one 
story and several others tell me other stories.  Anyone out there that has 
experience here can help me if you will tell me what you know.
3. I'm new to diesels.  They say the Cat 375 hp is a good engine.  700 
hours on the engines make me feel fairly good and the engines are clean. 
 I've heard that running them at 80% power is best for the engines.  That's 
about 20 knots for this boat if the book is correct.  Not sure I want to 
travel that fast.  Any experience with running diesels at less than 80% 

Any info would be appreciated.  Maybe one day I'll be able to contribute. 
 I've enjoyed reading notes to date.


Phil Bolin

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