T&T: Spring Lube & Filter Change Questions

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Whether or not you have to prime ("bleed") the engines depends on how
scrupulously you try to prevent it.  I had to bleed one of my Cummins
6BTA5.9's when I changed oil and Racors, but not the other.  I removed the
old filter and turned the petcock to let the Racor drain completely,
disassembled the Racor and totally cleaned out the black skeleton junk left
behind.  I put the new filter in and then topped off the filter as high as I
dared, then put the top cover on.  Did the same for the secondarys.

I had to bleed the first engine, but not the second, it started right up.  I
think that was because it took me a bit longer to do the first one, and
during that time, I suspect oil drained down the line beyond sight and it
had quite a bit of air in it.  I did the second engine in less time and
perhaps that has something to do with why it didn't require bleeding, less
time for the diesel to drain back into the switching manifold.  

Since that first time, I've never had to bleed again.  I do make it a point
to close off all fuel selector valves in the manifold to prevent any
back-drain into the fuel tank.  I think that helps.  

I have a different transmission but it calls for the same oil as yours.  I
corresponded with the manufacturer and asked if I could use the same Chevron
Delo 400 30-40 that Cummins calls for my 6BTA5.9's in their transmission.
They said yes.

Bob Peterson
"Lopaka Nane"
47' Lien Hwa CPMY
San Francisco

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I'm about to do my first oil and filter change on the boat: Cummins 220 main
with Twin Disc transmission, and a Northen Lights / Lugger 6 kva generator.
An OilEx exchange system is hooked into the Cummins and the transmission,
but not the Lugger.

I had thought to hire a local mechanic to do the first round while I watched
and learned, but when two cost estimates were provided at Cdn$600 and $1200
respectively, I put that idea right to bed. I purchased the engine oil and
filters (oil, and both primary and secondary fuel) today, but hope someone
can answer a couple of questions:

1) if I change the primary fuel filters on the 2 engines, will I have to
re-prime as was the case with my old Lehman?

2) Twin Disc told me the transmission uses either straight 30 or 40 weight
engine depending on operating temperature, but wasn't able to say which for
my combo. Does any of you know?

Cheers, Garrett

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