T&T: Stainless/Bronze in BSW?

Steve Sipe scsipe at comcast.net
Sun Apr 8 17:49:08 EDT 2007

I have been following the thread on the stainless/bronze, I discovered 
an odd pairing on my 43 Solo. It appears that the 4 thru-bolts that hold 
the pair of zincs onto the transom are stainless, and have bronze nuts 
and washers. They seem to be in excellent condition, with the exception 
of a single nut that at some point in the past was replaced, and with a 
plain steel nut. I tried to match the nut to the existing steel one in 
hopes of getting the proper bronze nut to replace it. No joy. It's not 
12mm, it's not 1/2-13. Neither will thread onto the bolt. I can come up 
with no alternative other than the bolt *must* be 1/2" BSW (British 
Standard Whitworth), which would make it 12 tpi pitch. The 1/2-13 is 
close, but won't spin on.

How the builder ever came up with that combination is beyond me! But for 
now, it will go back in the water with the steel nut, I'll keep an eye 
on it. Next time out, I'll order a set of 1/2-13 silicone bronze bolts & 
nuts, & replace all 4 and get an extra nut or 2!  At least they'll be an 
available thread size!!

Steve Sipe
still on hard till next week!
Snow on the boat in APRIL in Baltimore!!

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