T&T: Fuel Filtering

Jay Leonard leonaj99 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 06:55:21 EDT 2007

If you have that kind of fuel flow you will not need
much for filtering. I have been there. I repowered an
old Mainship 34 with a Cummins 6BTA that flowed 45 GPH
thru the fuel system.
My fuel was crappy due many years of the old Perkins
not circulating much.
In 3 weekend trips (maybe 10 engine hours) my fuel
(220 gals in two tanks) went from pretty crappy to
pristine. That was with a single Racor 900, 10 micron
element and the standard engine mounted Fleetguard
filter. And it stayed that way, a nice clear cherry
red for the remaing 5 years I owned that boat.
Hope this helps.
Jay Leonard 

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Per Yanmar, their 4 cylinder 240HP has a fuel flow of
75gph owing to 
volume of fuel return. So I guess 120gph would be
adequate for a 6 
300HP. But, you might want to check with Yanmar
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