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Your post took me back to the winter of 1977-78.

We were cruising the Abacos in our 27' sailboat and Dick Bradley, who used to
write for Motor Boating and Sailing, was there aboard is old Huckins, "Simba".
One night, in the middle of a strong cold front we were tied to our customary
mooring in Man-O-War Cay when Dick's multi-jillion watt spot light tore
through our cabin like a laser beam.  We could see Dick's wife, Dory, up on
the foredeck, trying to wrestle with the anchors.  I won't bore you with all
the details except to say that in his book he recounted the adventure
differently from the way my logbook remembers it.  We saw Dick aboard "Simba"
the next day at Albury's boatyard and asked him what happened.  He recounted
that when they bought "Simba" there was a large bell, like a school alarm
bell, mounted on the bulkhead. No one new what it was for and they never could
figure it out.  At about 4AM of the night in question, the alarm bell went
off.  It was a very large, very loud bell.  When Dick leapt from his bed he
immediately understood what the bell was for when he found himself standing
ankle-deep in water!  They were sinking!

New story...same trip.

Canadian friends were cruising south and were stopped somewhere in South
Carolina.  Kurt awoke from a sound sleep to a loud clicking sound. Being a
tightly-wrapped German, he immediately assumed the worst...that the hull of
his fiberglass boat was delaminating or that he had contracted a severe case
of the dreaded polyester-mites.  His wife related that they were up ALL night,
emptying out every locker and cabinet searching for source of the sound,
convinced that the boat was about to sink under them.  After an exhausting,
but fruitless night's work, they went to breakfast and were talking to one of
the locals who burst out laughing, explaining that the "polyester-mites" were
shrimp feasting on the growth outside their hull!

Sleep well tonight.

Randy Pickelmann
lying in Portsmouth, VA

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