T&T: Fw: Another new "Fast Trawler" ?

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An article in the St Pete Times today about a local boat builder who is 
a hard time selling his boats.  It's a 21' flats boat that resembles a
Carolina Skiff but with a more pronounced sheer & about 1/2 the freeboard.
He's decided to get a little publicity by motoring this boat about 1400 
from Atlantic Beach, FL to Bermuda & then to New York with no accompanying
boat.  And the best part is he's on a schedule!  He & his brother are 
Florida tomorrow & they plan to be in New York by friday.  "We're making a
clear statement that we trust this boat to be seaworthy".

He's making a clear statement alright but I'm not sure that's it.  He says 
they get into trouble they'll just hold on & wait for the Coast Guard to 
get them.

I thought about naming this thread, "Proof of Natural Selection".

Carl Martin
Scout 30
Hudson Beach, FL

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