T&T: The Heat

Milt Baker miltbaker47 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 20:14:26 EDT 2019

Take it from this certified Herman Wouk fanboy, the commanding officer in
question in the Caine Mutiny is Captain Queeg, called captain as a measure
of respect as the U.S. Navy does for all its shipboard commanding officers
but, actually in the book, a lientenant commander.

>From Wikipedia:  "Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg, a strong,
by-the-book figure, whom (the protagonist) at first believes to be just
what the rusty *Caine* and its rough-necked crew needs. But Queeg has never
handled a ship like this before, and he soon makes errors that he is
unwilling to admit."

A great read, even today, for the likes of those of us here on T&T!  Truly
a nautical classic that will still be talked about 100 years from now.

Milt Baker, Nordhavn 47 Bluewater, Southwest Harbor, ME

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