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Frank Burrows frank at frankburrows.com
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Lots of solutions out there. Most are based on the same radio, an 
Ubiquity Bullet. You can google these and find tons of them for under 
$100. The big advantage of the Bullet is that it is directly connected 
to the antenna. I discovered that no matter what cable you use between 
the radio and the antenna the signal loss was huge even with a short 
distance. If you don't mind spending a bunch of time googling how to set 
up and use the Bullet then this is a good choice. If you want more user 
friendly software and the ability to get support and possibly a better 
mounting solution then the products like the RedPort Halo, RogueWave or  
Shakespeare WebWhip make more sense. But they all use the same radio.

I really like the steel case that comes with the Wave Rogue Pro because 
it allows you to mount the radio with a standard marine mount. We also 
use a Verizon MiFi hotspot when wifi is not available. There is a 
website named pambo.com that specializes in electronics for boats and 
there are lots of reviews and info there.

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On 7/4/2019 6:44 AM, Steve Bedford via Trawlers-and-Trawlering wrote:
> We are considering adding a Mobile WiFi Router for use on our boat. 
> Sometimes referred to “MiFi.” Reasons: More secure access, more 
> consistent access, can support multiple devices. Some of these devices 
> can be powered by 12volt or 120volt while others can only be operated 
> with 120volt service. We would prefer one that could operate off DC or AC.
> We are looking for manufacturer and service provider recommendations 
> from the group. The device would be used primarily along the ICW from 
> Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Keys.
> Thanks in advance for any comments/advice.
> Steve
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