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Thu Jul 4 16:04:43 EDT 2019

What's the objective?
What are the parameters of the travel, & why do you need 800 nm worth of 
If you're setting waypoints, that implies use of a chartplotter. If your 
waypoints are long distances apart, your chartplotter or nav program 
will constantly monitor and report your cross track error (XTE), so 
moving waypoints closer doesn't provide any benefit. Besides, unless 
you're traveling a straight line across open ocean, your waypoints will 
be determined by course changes needed to avoid obstacles, not an 
arbitrary distance from the previous one. If you're running a straight 
line from point A to point B 800 miles away, then you only need those 
two points. The chartplotter/nav program will do the rest. If you're 
using an AP, then between the AP and the nav program, you should stay 
within feet of the rhumb line your nav program has laid out between the 
What am I missing?
Steve Sipe
Solo 4303 /Maerin/

On 7/4/2019 2:06 PM, Russell Davignon via Trawlers-and-Trawlering wrote:
> Planning a long voyage, 800 mn.Wondering if there is a way, once having set a start and end waypoint to enter a group of equidistant ( say 10mn apart) waypoints rather than entering each WP manually.  Doing it that way (manually one by each) makes it hard to get them even close to equidistant.  Be nice to make sure one is on track at intervals shorter than 25- 50mn.
> I have web searched all chart plotter/nav programs but come up dry.
> Thoughts, Thanks Russ

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