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We use AT&T service with a Netgear Night Hawk Hot-spot and it works phenomenal. Operates on AC or DC (USB).  We have an unlimited cell service plan and have at time streamed over 600 GB per month with no degradation in service speed.  Thats watching streaming TV as well.  The Night Hawk allows an external MIMO antenna which further enhances the connectivity.  

I might suggest you peruse this following blog for further details and options, I found this blog to be helpful and confirmed my arrangement is fit for purpose and likely best in class for an AT&T arrangement.  https://www.rvmobileinternet.com <https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/> They are RV and Boaters and for a modest fee unlock a tremendous amount of technical detail, however the free content is excellent as well.

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> Thanks to all so far for the responses on a mobile WiFi device.  Excellent information.
> We are not looking to boost a marina wifi signal because that wifi is still probably not secure.  We are looking more to the “hot spot” arrangement.  We have ATT service on our iPhones.  Sounds like there might be more options via Verizon.  
> There appear to be devices that might be more powerful than using the cell phone to create the hot spot.  Have you found that to be true?
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