T&T: Waypoints

Leonard Stern printmore1 at aol.com
Fri Jul 5 10:09:13 EDT 2019

Hi Russell:

An 800 mile cruise requires a plot using a great circle route to save fuel, time and distance.I do not use a plotter so what I write might not be applicable.Use a  gnomic chart to lay out your straight line plot from A to B. Record the L/L based on distance or time.Plot those L/L on a mercator chart and it should show the great circle route. For a cruise of 800M you will change compass headings about 3 times.Put these L/L in your plotter in route mode.Your done.Like I said I do not use electronics but perhaps the plotter works out the great circle route automatically. If it does then just putting in L/L A to B. should show your waypoints as a great circle route.
Hope this helps


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