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This all begs the question of the availability of cell signal. Where we 
operate in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior we are more likely than not 
to have no cell service. However, for a number of years we did run a Wilson 
amplifier with a suitably mounted marina cell antenna. It helped some. But 
an amplifier cannot boost no signal.

David Sorenson
Duluth, MN

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AT&T sells a mobile hotspot. They come with there own SIM card (phone 
number) and can be added to your existing data/phone plan. For greater 
signal strength when offshore, look at the Wilson cellular boosters. We used 
one for years on the RV and it increased signal by at least 1 bar. Haven’t 
used it on the boat because I don’t want to make any holes to run the 
external antenna down to the booster.



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