T&T: A Brilliant Idea

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
Sat May 2 19:36:59 EDT 2020

Okay, brilliant, yes, but rather slow in coming. Our Guzzler pumps are all
surface mounted, installed with 4 sleeves, 4 bolts, 4 nuts, and 16 washers.
With this particular pump mounted in a tight alcove, getting the washers
and sleeves to stay in place while mounting the pump and threading in the
bolts always proved challenging. Eureka, only after 20 years, today was the
day, the day of the big idea! I simply contact-cemented the
difficult-to-keep-in-place washers to their surfaces. This brilliant idea
turned the job from frustration, into a simple 2-handed job that went
quickly. I didn't even have to use my collection of colorful words. Once
done, though, I did have to go outside to get away from those
'why-didn't-you-think-of-this-before' look from you-know-who!

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