T&T: Leaky Injection Pump

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
Mon May 4 14:32:02 EDT 2020

Talked with the shop today, when I took our injection pump in for rebuild.
Since it was leaking on the top, where the high pressure lines attached, I
asked about my simply removing the nipples and replacing the O-rings and
copper seal.
They strongly recommended not doing this.
1. Once they start leaking, that is usually the first indication that the
pump is read for a rebuild.
2. Once the nipple is removed, the cylinder can rise enough, often coming
off an internal alignment pin and slightly rotating. When reinstalled and
the engine is turned over, if this cylinder did rotate, even a little bit,
the pin will shear and the timing will be off, and the cylinder will most
likely be scored, necessitating replacement of the entire pump. For our
pump, the difference is: a rebuild/servicing of $250 vs. a new pump at
Granted, in a last-ditch effort to get somewhere, one might be attempted to
replace the seals, but otherwise, it might be wiser to have a shop rebuild
the pump.

In a related matter, even though calibration fluid is used when the
injectors are rebuilt, this shop, among others, recommend pop-testing spare
injectors yearly, or cycling them into use. If diesel fuel is used when the
injectors are rebuilt or pop-tested, no more than 6 months should laps
between pop-testing or use.

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