T&T: Leaky injection pump

Milt Baker miltbaker47 at gmail.com
Tue May 5 17:06:14 EDT 2020

Hi Rudy,

My diesel guru if Bob Senter, AKA Lugger Bob because he worked for close to
30 years teaching Lugger and Northern Light mechanics their stuff and has
also conducted countless seminars for owners of John Deere and Lugger and
Northern Lights equipment.  He's absolutely the most knowledgeable marine
diesel engineer I know and over the past  20 years or so I've found his
advice and counsel to be flawless.

He is a great proponent of Stanadyne PF additive for diesel fuel.  We
talked about it over drinks and dinner one night long ago, and he said that
an engine that uses Stanadyne PF might well be able to go its entire life
without ever having its injectors or injection pump serviced.  I was
skeptical, but in talking to other Nordhavn owners I've found that a great
many of them have drunk Bob's Kool-Aid on Stanadyne PF--and Nordhavn Owners
Group (which I moderate) almost never reports cases where diesel injection
equipment fails or needs routine replacement.

I've used Stanadyne PF with every fill-up and now have 5776 hours on the
injection pump on my Lugger 668T 174 HPP engine, and that injection pump
has never been serviced. I changed my injectors (prophylactically) about
3,000 hours ago, and my injection system is like new--no smoke, gets up to
WOT (just a tiny bit of gray smoke) with zero problems.  A friend has more
than 7,000 hours on his Lugger with the same results.

My injection pump is also made by Stanadyne, so I assume they know
something about their additives!  Deere has an equivalent, privately
labeled, but it's the same juice in the bottle.   Bob says when you look
under the scope at parts from two identical injection pumps with thousands
of hours, one that's been run with Stanadyne additive and one without, the
difference is amazing.  Stanadyle keeps the workings clean and well
lubricated so they keep on working perfectly, and that's the difference.  I
am a believer.  No stock in Stanadyne either.

Here's a link to Stanadyne PF:

It ain't cheap, but I'm convinced it's saved me big bucks over the years!
Your mileage may vary.

Milt Baker, Nordhavn 47 Bluewater

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