T&T: Leaky injection pump

Leonard Stern printmore1 at aol.com
Tue May 5 20:39:14 EDT 2020

To Milt:  Very pleased that you mention this product. Here in Canada we have the same but under a different name. The label on the bottle is the same format but altered to have English and French languages. I get mine from Canadian Tire under their Motor-master brand. and Stanadyne is mentioned in the fine print. Bob Smith and his son mentioned this to me many years ago to use it. 

We have 2 Ford Lehmans 120 hp on our trawler and have 10500 hours on the meters. We have never had our injector pumps serviced during the 40 years of running the boat (a 44 MT). Presently the output of the smoke,etc. that you mention is exactly as you stated.  If I added up the cost over the years I guess I could have purchased some shares. (VBG) Take care and be safe Leonard Stern, INDIFFERENCE 

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