T&T: Stanadyne Additive

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
Wed May 6 08:02:15 EDT 2020

Milt posts some interesting thoughts on using diesel additives,
specifically Stanadyne. I've confronted the use of additives for years,
sometimes using them, more often not. I'm going to say the following, but
admitting that I might be missing something. Keep in mind that our engine
burns 1/2 to 1 gallon per hour.
With a cost of Stanadyne at $8.00 per 15 gallons of fuel, after 6000+
hours, and with a new injection pump at $1200, the math suggests that I
could buy at least 2 new injection pumps for the same cost of having
treated all of the diesel that ran through our engine. Granted, higher fuel
consumption or more expensive injection pumps would alter these figures,
but for me, it doesn't look as though treating the diesel fuel would be
cost effective. Then,too, is the issue of poorly filtered fuel, which
additives do nothing to mitigate, and will significantly add to the wear
inside the pump.
Another question I have, and if I don't forget to ask when I pick up the
pump, is whether these additives keep the soft seals from degrading, or do
they just help keep the hard parts from wearing? If the additive doesn't
keep the soft seals in good shape, then the pump will still need to be
serviced and some point?
Would sure like to hear other opinions.
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