T&T: USCG – i911 to locate distressed mariners

LAL lazilicata at gmail.com
Wed May 6 09:31:44 EDT 2020

The US Coast Guard issued a news release
<https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDHSCG/bulletins/28a0bb1> stating
that it has a new tool to help distressed mariners come home to their
families after being out to sea. The i911 program allows for watchstanders
to use a mariner’s cellphone number to assist in finding their location for
Coast Guard rescue crews to locate them faster. Once the number is entered,
the mariner receives a text message authorizing them to share their
location with the U.S. Coast Guard. Once shared, the internal cell phone’s
GPS, which uses satellites to pinpoint the mariner’s location, is displayed
on a screen for watchstanders to aid in the search for them. This software
is already available to first responder agencies across the country. It was
developed by Callyo Inc. and is a free service for all first responders,
including the Coast Guard. (5/5/20) [

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