T&T: Grey Water Tank

Russell Davignon svascension at yahoo.com
Wed May 6 14:01:17 EDT 2020

I have two holding tanks, Grey and Black. The Grey water tank's piping died and I 'm wondering if I really need a grey water tank at all.   I know some places like Lake Champlain require a black water tank but is any one aware of an  area on East Coast, Caribbean ect that requires a Grey Water holding tank?  I'm tempted to cap it and be done with it. Only other problem is that the sinks/shower drain into the Grey Water tank which is down at the top of the  keel (steel boat, tank is integral to hull)  The tank is then pumped overboard or to the deck via a macerator type pump.  The tanks and the pump out thru hull  and three way direction valve are all below the water line.  I assume that the macerator's duck bill valves act as a check valve and prevent any seawater back flow from the ocean itself.  There is NO vented loop.  It's been this way for the 20 years I've owned her with never a problem.  Assistance, Ideas Comments Please.  Russ  

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