T&T: Batwings

Terry Neill tsneill at centurytel.net
Thu May 7 14:01:19 EDT 2020

Fifteen years ago I had batwings installed on Tamarack, a converted 52 foot seiner.
The work was done by Chris Earle at his place of business called Gronlund  Boatworks at 16971 River Road in Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, BC. 604-244-7402
He was the West Coast batwing guru then, and since he’s still in business I imagine he’s even more knowledgeable now.

I thought his design and build were first rate. I estimated that roll was reduced by about 60% while top speed was reduced by about a knot from 11 to 10 knots. 
I continue to think that it was the best money I spent on the boat.

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