T&T: hypalon glue shelf life and g-f;ex

Dave Cooper villadecoop at gmail.com
Thu May 7 18:04:34 EDT 2020

never had an issue with the hypalon glue as long as it was runny.

G-flex is great stuff but the word 'flexible' applies to something like
bending a 1/4" piece of fiberglass...yes it flexes but not like on an
inflatable. It just cracks and then patch just falls off. It also
doesn't grab so you need uniform pressure in the shape of whatever you are
patching. Otherwise it'll crack as soon as you inflate it to its normal
shape ;-(

Just my experience, yours may vary.

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On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 5:14 PM Richard P via Trawlers-and-Trawlering <
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> I am wondering if anyone on the list has direct experience using hypalon
> glue to patch inflatables when the glue is well past its expiration date.
> If the glue is still soft and runny is it as good as new or is the
> consistency irrelevant? This stuff is very pricey and the printed shelf
> life is typically less than one year.
> Can anyone report on the success of using g-flex epoxy to repair leaks in
> inflatables?  Longevity especially.
> Richard P
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