Terry Neill tsneill at centurytel.net
Sat May 9 11:34:39 EDT 2020

Yes, that was my boat for 18 years. That pic was taken at a wooden boat rendezvous that’s been held in Deer Harbor, WA for about ten or more years.
I’m not in that picture but with those visitors aboard I’m sure I was on the boat somewhere.


Terry; Is this the "Tamarack" you installed Batwings on?
<https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/5164a25de4b0ec2b02b87494/1379366276868-YI5UKVHM9YBJT3UQZ0ZD/-vDSC01910.jpg?format=1000w&content-type=image%2Fjpeg <https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/5164a25de4b0ec2b02b87494/1379366276868-YI5UKVHM9YBJT3UQZ0ZD/-vDSC01910.jpg?format=1000w&content-type=image%2Fjpeg>>
Are you in the picture?
Here's a thread with pictures covering Batwings on "Trawler Forum."
<https://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/s31/batwings-stabilizers-29541-2.html <https://www.trawlerforum.com/forums/s31/batwings-stabilizers-29541-2.html>> 
Chris Byer
Cathedral City, CA

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