T&T: Pencil Zincs

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
Sun May 10 11:11:31 EDT 2020

Acid does a good job of ridding plugs of zinc, but on a boat, I find it
troublesome to stow it or use it. Instead, I drill the zinc out of the plug
doing the following:
Since a broken off zinc usually leaves a raised point, I'll use an
oversized drill to cut down the point, using the tapered edge of the plug
to center the drill and the subsequent dimple. In my case, the zinc having
5/16 threads, I'll start with a drill which is as wide as the plug,
something less than 3/8. Once a center dimple is formed, I'll start
drilling a hole with as small of a drill, attempting to keep the hole
centered. Once that drill pops through the bottom of the zinc, I'll start
increasing the size of succeeding drills until I get as close to the
threads as I'm comfortable, or until the 5/16 tap, using standard tapping
technique, can be worked down through the threads. If a new zinc will not
tighten adequately, I throw the plug out; after all, I'm no further behind
than when I started.
Occasionally I'll come across a zinc with poor threads, then I just chase
the threads with a correct size die, in my case 516.
I'd love to hear of other approaches to ridding a plug of broken off zincs.

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