T&T: water pump seal replacement

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
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Richard, I cannot help with the name of another pump, but allow me to say a
few thing about rebuilding pumps. Replacing seals and bearings is fairly
straight forward and reasonable as far as price goes. The labor is usually
around 1 hr worth. The problem comes with the shaft, and if the shaft needs
replaced it is usually cost effective to just replace the pump with a new
one. You don't know ihe shaft needs replacing until it's been removed. A
simple test is to run your fingernail along the shaft's length. If you feel
even the slightest catch, then that area of the shaft is worn, and the pump
will most likely leak, even with new seals. My experience is that it just
isn't worth rebuilding a pump if it has a worn shaft, and the same probably
goes for DEPCO. One option is to take your pump apart and check out the
shaft. If it is still good, then consider rebuilding it. If not, don't both
with a rebuild attempt.

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> The raw water pump om Lilliana developed a small leak after five years. i
> assume it is the main seal that needs to be replaced.  In the past I have
> sent pumps to depco for rebuild. In each case they dismantle it and tell me
> I need a new pump (for ~$650.
> Can anyone suggest another business that does raw water pump rebuilds? I
> don’t want to use a local mechanic because I have found in general that
> their experience is spotty.
> The pump is a jabs, made especially for perkins/sabre engines; that
> prevents someone from finding an aftermarket equivalent..  Perkins does
> that on lots of common parts.. eg the starter motor.
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