T&T: premature impeller failures

Felds, James jimfelds at focustarcapital.com
Mon May 25 14:27:01 EDT 2020

Hi All,

I have a Yanmar 3TNE84MT-EG1.  Over the last several hundred hours, the
impeller longevity has slowly declined.  They used to last up to 400 hours,
then 250, then 150 at which point my parts dealer suggested that I change
out the cover plate, which did have scoring on it.

I changed that, installed a brand new impeller, tested to determine if
there were any leaks and that I had a good stream coming out of the
exhaust.  All was good.  I shut it down and left it alone for a month.

I started it yesterday, water was passing through the exhaust perfectly but
after five minutes I saw an alarm on the remote panel, ran to the stern,
looked overboard and saw zero water coming from the exhaust at which point
I of course shut down the genset.

Before I change the entire water pump, what inside the pump could be
causing this phenomenon?  I don't want to change the pump unless I have to
and certainly not if I can make a simple repair to keep the existing one in
service.  What should I do and why?  Thanks.

Jim Felds
M/Y Kokomo
Hatteras 48 LRC
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Jim at Focustarcapital.com
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