T&T: premature impeller failures

Rudy Sechez rudysechez at gmail.com
Mon May 25 18:59:42 EDT 2020

If nothing looks wrong on the pump, then most likely you'll have to follow
the water flow, step by step; it is entirely possible that an air lock
might have occurred even though you had water flow initially. First, see if
the impeller turns, pull the cover and watch when you turn the engine over.
If it does, reinstall the cover, first squirting some liquid soap over the
impeller and making certain that the cover seals properly. You've pulled
the hose and opened the seacock and had water flow to the pump, but double
check again. If you saw that the impeller turned, next reinstall the hose
on the intake side of the pump, pull the hose off the discharge port on the
pump, start the engine and see if the pump pushes water out the discharge.
If so, reinstall the hose and pull the hose off the next item, maybe the
heat exchanger. Start the engine and see if water pumps out the hose. If
so, reinstall the hose and run the engine and see if water comes out the
exhaust once the muffler fills. Not often, but I've had a few instances
when I had to do this procedure a couple time until I had good, constant
water flow. If you get to a point where there is no water flow, then
consider that there is a blockage from that point on.

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