T&T: premature impeller failures

Felds, James jimfelds at focustarcapital.com
Mon May 25 22:25:45 EDT 2020

Ok All,

It looks like the water detective will have to start detecting.  I will
report back my findings.  Thank you all so far for leading me down the
diagnostic pathway.


Jim Felds, mobile

On Mon, May 25, 2020, 7:00 PM Rudy Sechez <rudysechez at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jim
> If nothing looks wrong on the pump, then most likely you'll have to follow
> the water flow, step by step; it is entirely possible that an air lock
> might have occurred even though you had water flow initially. First, see if
> the impeller turns, pull the cover and watch when you turn the engine over.
> If it does, reinstall the cover, first squirting some liquid soap over the
> impeller and making certain that the cover seals properly. You've pulled
> the hose and opened the seacock and had water flow to the pump, but double
> check again. If you saw that the impeller turned, next reinstall the hose
> on the intake side of the pump, pull the hose off the discharge port on the
> pump, start the engine and see if the pump pushes water out the discharge.
> If so, reinstall the hose and pull the hose off the next item, maybe the
> heat exchanger. Start the engine and see if water pumps out the hose. If
> so, reinstall the hose and run the engine and see if water comes out the
> exhaust once the muffler fills. Not often, but I've had a few instances
> when I had to do this procedure a couple time until I had good, constant
> water flow. If you get to a point where there is no water flow, then
> consider that there is a blockage from that point on.
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